El Yunque's Animals

In El Yunque there is a variety of animals. There are birds, fish, frogs, snakes, insects, mammals, and rodents like the mongoose. There are big animals in E Yunque so you don't have to be afraid of an animal that is going to eat you. My favorite animals in El Yunque are el coqui and the Puertorrican Parrot. Below are descriptions of them.

El Coqui

 El Coqui is a little frog that can be found all over Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and little parts of South and Central America. When the sun sets and it becomes night time the male coquis are the ones who start chirping. The Coqui can be found in brown, green, and sometimes yellowish. El Coqui was called like that because of the sound it made(Ko-Kee) . It is popular throughout the island and many people like the sound it makes at night. At night I like hearing their chirping.

Fun Fact: Coquis are born with a small tail and quickly after one minute they are born, they lose their tail.

The Puertorrican Parrot

The Puertorrican Parrot is a bird that has been in Puerto Rico for over a thousand years now. This parrot is also called Amazona Bittata. Since then the parrot's population and living areas have been slowly decreasing because of their lack of nesting areas, the competition for available nests, mankind, city growth, and how different the parrots are-(monogamos).  The Puertorrican Parrot is an endangered species that has droped down to only 16 parrots in 1971. Slowly through captivaion, the parrot's population has increased. Today the population is still rising which is good news for the Puertorrican Parrot.