erosion: the process in which the surface of earth is worn away by wind, water, and ice

Drip Tip:

drip tip: where water falls from the tips of leaves


epiphytes: a plant, such as a tropical orchid or a staghorn fern, that grows on another plant

Shallow Root System

shallow root system: the type of roots that do not go very deep in the earth


vines: a weak-stemmed plant that derives its support from climbing, twining, or creeping along a surface


lianas:  any of various climbing, woody, usually tropical vines

Emergent Layer

emergent layer: the top layer of the rain forest where tall trees tower


canopy: the fourth layer of the rainforest


understory: the second layer of the rain forest where little sunshine reaches

Forest Floor

forest floor: the bottom layer of the rain forest

Water System

water system: a river and all its branches

Flowering Plants

flowering plants: plants that produce flowers in certain times

Non-flowering Plants

non-flowering plants: plants that do not produce flowers such as ferns