There are 4 layers in El Yunque. They are:

The Emergent Layer

The Emergent layer is the top layer of the rain forest. The tallest trees tower here and can be up to 200 feet or taller. There is a lot of sunlight here. The animals that live here are eagles, monkeys, bats, and butterflies. Up here there are strong winds and sometimes hot temperatures.

The Canopy

The Canopy is the fourth layer in the rain forest. There is a lot of food here in the canopy so that is why many animals live here. Up here there is protection from predators below because of the height.

The Understory

The Understory is the third layer in the rain forest. It is the place with the most tops of trees. There are lots of fruit here which also makes a good place for food. The animals that live here are snakes, and frogs. This layer receives little sunshine.

The Forest Floor

The Forest Floor is the darkest place in the rain forest. Down here is where the fallen leaves from above start to decompose. Many insects live down here in some places.