El Yunque's Plants

El Yunque has many plants. There are 240 native tree species (which 26 are only found in El Yunque), 50 native orchids, epiphtyes, giant ferns and mosses. Shrubs are also found in El Yunque. El Yunque has a dense vegetation because of the heavy rainfall and the warm tropical climate.

El Carrasco

This plant is  a poisonous, under-story shrub (or tree) that can be easily recognized by its thin trunk with large leaves, and tiny dark-red flowers and small reddish-black fruits. The white sap of this plant which turns black in the air can cause skin irritation to some people. This shrub can grow to be 20 feet and its trunk can be up to 2 inches wide.

If you see it BE CAREFUL it's poisonous...

Tree Fern

This beautiful, small evergreen tree can grow to 30 feet heigh, with a 3 to 5 inch trunk and a crown of ten or more spreading fern leaves. The trunk is spineless, with a hard outer layer, and a soft, white inner layer. Tree ferns like this are found in low land and upper montain forests throughout the West Indies. This fern is an understory plant.

Fun Fact: The Carib Indians used hollowed-out trunk sections to preserve and carry live fire coals, maintaining it for hours without smoke or flame.